A quick stay in Jakarta

Jakarta – the capital of Indonesia.
During our trip, SEA games is actually on going..unfortunately, we weren’t able to watch any game where Philippine team is competing — darn! This is because we only have 2 days to roam Jakarta.
From Bali, we flew via Lion air. We bought the ticket when we arrived in Bali thus, ticket is more pricey compared if we booked it earlier. Anyhow, this was also the reason we didn’t push through with Nusa Penida (an island in Bali) which features beautiful beaches — maybe next time! 😊
We then booked a car via Grab from airport to Konko hostel. 
Konko hostel is very “millenial” I liked that they have storage for shoes but of course, be cautious not to put your expensive shoes in there to avoid any inconvenience. They also have a cafe at the lobby so you don’t have to worry if you need to feed your hungryselves 😅
Where to go:
*NO entrance Fee except for the Bank Indonesia
National Monument Monas (Merdeka Square)


Istiqlal Mosque
St. Mary of the Assumption Cathedral
I super LOVE the idea that the Islam mosque and Catholic church are positioned on the opposite side of each other. Just PEACE.
Pasar Baru 


Apparently, we weren’t able to buy anything from this market but A&W saved the day! 😉


Farmers Market
(for some foodie pasalubong)


You can also try their train — but do not expect. Also, as you can see on the last pic, literally — you need to MIND the GAP to avoid any mishap!
Museum Bank Indonesia
Entrance Fee: Rp 5,000
You will be asked to leave your things in their baggage counter but they will provide you a transparent bag (as shown above) for your personal stuff like phone, wallet, passport)
They also have a room for gold baaaars! (Of course they’re not real gold bars haha!)


In here, since this is an old bank, you get to see how bank, business, money & people evolved in Indonesia and some parts of the world. This is actually a huge area and they added a cafe as well which we also tried:
Glodok (Chinatown) –  in terms of location & products being sold, Jakarta’s version was not appealing to us. The best buy we bought though were chocolates & candies that are sold in grams or kilograms (way cheaper than in the grocery stores — at least for not so branded sweets)
Above pic shows Siomay – one of the streetfoods my friend tried and a street with stalls full of different items being sold. Sorry, I don’t have a decent photo of the place ✌🏼
Old Town / Kota Tua Jakarta
Jakarta is also known for its huge malls. We just went to one of those and went back to the hotel to catch our flight back home ✈️
Given a chance to stay more days in Indonesia plus extra budget of course , we would have wanted to visit Yogyakarta too!
Just be cautious at all times – we experienced a magnitude 6 earthquake during our stay in Bali and it really got us worried but people there are already used to it so you wouldn’t see them panic. While in Jakarta, we experienced a rude driver of “bajaj” – asking for way way higher fare — we actually ran away from him after we gave him the money – the original amount we agreed on 🏃🏻‍♀️😬
Bajaj – their version of Tuk-Tuk (Thailand)
To summarize this trip, it was a laid back kind of vacation and we love it! Also, you don’t have to spend too much but definitely, it depends on your itinerary/activities as well.
Thanks for taking time to read my post! If you’re planning to visit Bali/Jakarta, I hope you’ll enjoy your trip as much as we did ☺️

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