An open letter to 💚

Dear You,

By this time, you already know that I learned to enjoy being alone. Loneliness struck me from time to time but I figured out, somehow, how to live my life at the fullest because at the end of the day, I myself can only do that to be happy and alive.

10 years. Yasss, 10 years of being single (what the?!). So many questions, doubts & pain I had to endure but deep inside, I know I still have so much love to give.

Then YOU  happened. You make me feel special & beautiful everyday. Oh em God, I never knew something this good is waiting for me and that being with you just feels right in so many ways.

And so today, as I’ve told you before, I am willing to give this heart another shot. Yes, I am still scared but I’ll trust the process, I’ll have faith in you because I want to embrace life with you in it.

With this — can I be officially yours?


the one whose heart is happy right now

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