Seoul into You 🇰🇷 (7N6D Itinerary)

Looking back, I think the main reason for this overdue SoKor trip is getting a visa. Had I known that the process is quite easy, I could have visited the land of the oppas long time ago 😅 But probably, there’s also a reason that this year is the perfect time to visit this beautiful country.
To know some bits & pieces re: visa application (for employed peeps in Manila) , you may refer to this page.
My friend Fruit & I collaborated with making our itinerary. Basically, I added what I believe are the main tourist spots plus the KDrama locations I need to visit 😍🤗 Of course, the deets on the costs, transpo, etc were researched from various sites & blogs and we are really thankful for those as they were rightfully helpful in sooo many ways!
Our itinerary may not differ from other itineraries you’ve read a hundred / thousand times over but still, allow me to share our personal experience. 🤗
To sum up our activities, see below:
Day 0:
5:30 PM departure time from NAIA 3
10:40 PM arrived in Incheon International Airport
1AM: checked in at Hostel Tommy  (booked via Agoda)
Day 1:
OneDay Hanbok (For Hanbok Rental + accessories)
Gyeongbokgung Palace
Bukchon Village 
Insa-dong (Artsy side of Seoul)
Poo Poo Land (If you’re interested with 💩 cycle 🤣)
Day 2:
Myeongdong Cathedral
Nami Island (KDrama alert: Winter Sonata)
Petite France (KDrama alert: My Love From the Star)
Garden of the Morning Calm (KDrama alert: Love in the Moonlight)
Day 3:
Demilitarized Zone
-Freedom Bridge
-3rd tunnel
-DORA Observatory
-Dorosan Station
Heagawoorin (Government Ginseng plant)
Lotte Department Store
-Star Avenue
-Lotte Mart
Myeongdong shopping street
Day 4:
Cheonggyecheon Stream
Namsan + N Seoul tower (KDrama alert : Legend of the Blue Sea)
Myeongdong (Shinsegae area)
Day 5:
Yeouido Hangang Park
Digital Media City
Day 6:
Haneul Park (KDrama alert: Goblin)
Ihwa Mural Village
Samgyeopsal (Jongo / near our hostel)
Okay, so this is what you’re interested the most. How much money would you need for this itinerary? Of course, you don’t need to follow the same actvities. Please feel free to make necessary adjustments to match your wants and needs.
Pre-trip expenses
CebuPac roundtrip fare – P4,657.87 /pax
Hotel Booking – P5,900 / pax (We booked 2 twin rooms)
Winter wear (Jacket, Trench Coat, Heat Tech <Uniqlo>, Boots) – P5,000 (approx)
KLOOK packages (per pax)
4 Hour Hanbok Rental – P695
Poo Poo Land – P223
Nami+Petite France+The Garden of Morning Calm – P3,475
DMZ Half Day Tour (with lunch) – P2,548
Namsan Tower (with snack) – P839
airport transfer (Incheon Airport to hostel) via Trazy – P4,546.61 (to be divided by 4)
Travel tax – P1,620
*Pocket money: P10,000 (tipid pa’ko nito / mga yayamanin kasama ko 💵 💰)
airport transfer from hostel to Incheon Airport (via hostel) – ₩70,000 (to be divided by 4)
T money:
₩ 2,500 (regular)
₩ 4,000 (Line character design)
Subway fare: ₩1,250 / tap
  • Weather
Spring – falls between April and June
Summer –  falls between July to August (I personally do not recommend this time of the year to visit Seoul)
Autumn – falls between September to November, considered as to being the best period to visit South Korea. #YellowLeaves
Winter – falls between December and March ❄️  ❄️ ❄️
  • What to wear
Spring/Autumn –  long-sleeved shirts, pants and a sweater or jacket will work well
Summer – they say summer in Korea is extremely unpleasant kind of humid and wet – so pack lightweight, loose-fitting clothes in natural fabrics that will keep you cool.
Winter – layering is the key! You can go up to 4-5 layers of clothing to keep you warm. This weather requires Heat Tech innerwears (we bought ours from Uniqlo)/ thermals; thick fleece & coats. Also, it is highly recommended to bring a good quality pair of shoes / boots (anti-slip preferably) especially when snow falls — as they literally turn into an ice along the road 😱
           – accessories such as hand warmers / lip balm / gloves /ear muffs / scarf / face mask will be great of help
lip balm & hand warmer from Ross (she bought it from Japan)
 – You can also buy your winter outfit/necessities when you arrive in Korea at an affordable price
  • Korean Won
    If possible, have your Php/USD exchanged to Korean Won before leaving otherwise, Myeongdong is the best place to exchange money. Take note though that money changers close as early as 7PM.
  • Medicine / Castor Oil / Efficascent Oil
    Huwag kayo judger guys 😅 OO na, kami na ang tunay na ahjummas of Korea ✌🏼 Pero it has been my practice to bring meds during travels , especially most of us are first timer sa winter season — promise…sobraaang HELP si castor oil sa mga tuhod namin (recommended by my friend Fatzy 😍)
Next question is What to do in Seoul?  Read on!







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